Hi, I'm Tela, a young, aspirational blogger based in London. I've lost my life to studying for most of my life but now I work in Marketing for a brewery through my gap year. 

It's a cliche really, I've always loved music - I've been listening to music from as soon as I left the womb. I tried my hand at a few instruments but none of them really stuck. Until it dawned on me... I just love listening and talking about music. Tuning into the production, the vocals and layers has always excited and astounded me, so I thought... why not put my thoughts into words? Inspired by YouTubers CDTVProductions and Anthony Fantono, I headed on and built this site. A couple months later, here I am!

I aim to entertain and debate with those who read my posts. I want to build a community of those who love to share their opinions of music and continue learning from others.