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Is 'Yummy' really THAT bad?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Justin Bieber’s latest single “Yummy” has been under fire since its release on 3rd January 2020. I'm finding out why.

Produced by Kid Culture, Poo Bear and Sasha Sitora, this song is a typical pop song of our era, with notable R&B and trap influences. R&Bieber, one might say.

Whilst it didn’t debut at #1 in any country, it has so far peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is currently in the top 10 in 11 countries. Not perfect, but decent stats right? Pretty good for someone who hasn't dropped a solo project since 2015. Well, critics haven’t been so nice to Biebs. I’ve decided to investigate for myself whether it deserves such criticism.

First of all, it’s catchy. That definitely can’t be argued. The repetitiveness of the chorus (which basically consists of him repeating 'yummy' a million times) makes it very accessible and easy to sing along to.

That being said, it's almost too catchy. Sometimes it feels like the song has infested my ears, making me want to gauge my own eyes out. But I understand the appeal to kids and young teens - they like stuff that they can easily sing and dance to.

This definitely explains why it's found itself a presence on TikTok. Many young boys and girls can be found "dancing" to the song... you know, the way that TikTokers do. And I think that deserves praise in itself, but to the more mature listeners, it weakens the credibility of the song as it creates connotations that the song is "teeny". And I think that's exactly what it is - teeny.

I must commend this song for the production, though. I'm a sucker for R&B. The 808s feel smooth and inviting, and feel very cohesive with Bieber's vocals, particularly throughout the chorus. The bass and claps also really help to bring that R&B feel to life. It seems like the producers knew exactly what they were going for, and excelled at doing just that. Although the beat is nothing too special, it's nice on the ears!

It also makes for a pretty good song to dance to (professionally, I mean). Parris Goebel, dancer and choreographer, has worked closely with Bieber in the past, particularly with the songs “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean” and has continued that association through her recent independent film, consisting of a choreography of the song in question by well known dancers in LA.

I think the main problem that I (and most people to be honest) have with it are the lyrics. The song appears to be gushing about Justin's new wife, Hailey Bieber, which has some nice sentiment. But you can't not admit that there is very little lyrical content - below average, even for a pop song.

As I mentioned before, there is a LOT of repetition. But even outside the chorus, there's some pretty bland lyrics. Oh and uhh "light a match, get litty babe" is just downright awful. Plus, let's not forget he's using the word "yummy" as a noun, which really disagrees with me (you have every right to call me a member of the grammar police, if you wish).

Also, from what I gather, people seem to be very upset with the size and manner of the promotion for 'Yummy'. I mean, posting pictures of babies under the hashtag 'yummy' when the song is about the sex appeal of his wife is a bit dodgy. But ignoring that for a sec, the amount that he posted in the run-up to the release was insane! I wasn't exactly keeping up with it but I assume it got the people going. To then come out with a song that is average... I understand why people weren't happy.

Considering everything I've mentioned, I think I'll give this song an acceptable 5.5/10. It's not awful but it's not great either. Anything below this feels too harsh. The song doesn't feel rushed, but I don't believe it delivered what people had hoped. I don't cringe or retch when the song comes on, but I wouldn't choose to listen to it. It's an okay comeback for Bieber, and I feel like there's potential for him. If R&Bieber continues, I'll definitely have a listen to his next album.

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